From Android to Flutter

Finally within two weeks, I have decided to develop the Lifetime - Task in Flutter.

At first, I would like to force myself to use more Java, and learn more from Android with Java. I also started to read about Android Testing for TDD for better maintainability. During the process, developing native Android app seems to be overkilling the project. “How about Flutter?” I asked myself, as the project would be even better if it runs on multi-platform (Android & iOS).

So the plan is now more clear: Flutter for mobile device; JavaFX for desktop;

The biggest concern I have is the UI library, then the manpower. Flutter basically got every Material Component I need, and JavaFX should provide the native look and feel on Windows/MacOS/Linux. And they both seems easy to learn, that’s cool 😎.

App developer

At this stage, I guess I am enjoying when writing apps. That’s why I would choose Flutter, which is a platform for me to concentrate on the app itself. Dart, or others new language is also exciting and smooth to learn, at least to me…